small dinosaurs

Psittacosaurus (translating from Ancient Greek as "parrot lizard") is a genus of herbivorous dinosaurs that lived in the Early and Middle Jurassic Period, between 123 and 100 million years ago.

This small dinosaur was 2 m long and weighed not more than 20 kg.

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Best dinosaur photos - Troodon!

The genus name is Greek for "wounding tooth", as its teeth bear prominent and very sharp "wounding" serrations.

were small dinosaurs, up to 0.9 m in height, 2.4 m in length, and up to 50 kg in mass, that existed in the Cretaceous period, about 77 million years ago. Troodon were built like birds, with a narrow head and pointy beak, a short neck extending to a squat body and a long tail. They had very long, slender hind limbs, suggesting that these animals were able to run quickly. The front limbs were diminutive, stunted, and dysfunctional. Their eyes were very large, slightly forward facing, giving Troodon some degree of depth perception.

remains of these prehistoric creatures (dinosaur) have been discovered in North America.