Seismosaurus was a large long (surapod) necked dinosaur. Seismosaurus use to live 156 million years ago in what is today USA.

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Apatosaurus was one of the biggest dinosaurs, and enimal that ever lived on Earth. Apatosaurus was asauropod (long-necked) and he was a plan eater. 

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Argentinosaurus was the longest and largest dinosaur that has even lived on land of the Planet Earth.

Its name refers to the country in which it was discovered. This titanic prehistoric animal existed during the Late Cretaceous Period,
between 97 and 94 million years ago, on the then island continent of South America. It was 40 m long, 10 m high, and weighed around 100 tons.

This huge dinosaur had a small rounded skull and tiny jaws, relative to the rest of its body, on an elongated, flexible neck, up to 12 meters long! The neck protruded from an enormous, squatty trunk, with a 5-meter-long tail. It had two pairs of same-size,
pillar-like legs, each with three clawed toes. Due to its incredible size and weight, this dinosaur could only move in a slow and clumsy way.

Argentinosaurus was a long neck herbivor dinosaur that lived 100 milion years ago. It was 40 metres long and 110 tons weight.

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