feathered dinosaurs

The fossil of what is thought to be one of the world's smallest dinosaurs has been found in Great Britain, or, more precisely, at a brickworks in Sussex.

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In July this year, a nearly complete, new fossil of a feathered dinosaur was unearthed in northeastern China.

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Beipiaosaurus is named after the archeological site Beipiao in China, where its fossil remains have been found. It lived in the Cretaceous Period, some 125 million years ago.

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Flying Dinosaur pictures -Archeopteryx!

The name Archeopteryx derives from the Ancient Greek "archaios", meaning "ancient", and "pteryx",meaning "feather". It has generally been accepted as the oldest known bird, a transitional form in the evolution of species between dinosaurs and birds.

Archaeopteryx lived in the Late Jurassic Period, some 150 - 145 million years ago, in what is now Germany, but at the time was
an archipelago of islands in a shallow tropical sea, much closer to the Equator than it is today.

Similar in shape and size to a modern-day magpie, Archaeopteryx was 30 cm long, and weighed between 300 - 500 grams. Despite its small size, broad wings, and the inferred ability to fly or glide, this prehistoric animal had more features in common with the other dinosaurs from the Age of Reptiles (such as jaws full of sharp teeth, long bony tail, etc.) than with modern birds.