Best pictures of dinosaurs - Alectrosaurus! Alectrosaurus, translated from Ancient Greek means a "lone lizard", reflecting the lifestyle of this prehistoric animal.

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Best dinosaur photos - Brachiosaurs!

Brachiosaurs was a surapod (long neck dinosaur) dinosaur. Brachiosaurs used to live!

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Best dinosaur pictures - Alectrosaurus!

Alectrosaurus was a dinosaur walking on two legs. This dinoaurs was a cousin of TRex (Tyrannosaurus Rex).

Alectrosaurus lived in the latter part of the Cretaceous Period, approx. 83 to 74 million years ago, in what is now Inner Mongolia.
It was a medium sized, moderately built, ground dwelling carnivorous dinosaur, with a body shape similar to its much larger relative Tyrannous Rex. It could grow up to an estimated 5 m long, and a weight of around one ton.

Alectrosaurus had a prolonged skull with mighty jaws, each equipped with 12 to 15 large teeth. Its somewhat squatty neck was planted on a gigantic body with a very long tail. It was bipedal, moving on its huge hind legs. Its three-toed feet had big and sharp claws. Its forelimbs were much smaller and thinner, but were also armed with deadly claws.

Best photos of dinosaurs Alectrosaurus!