Tylosaurus was not a dinosaur! Tylosaurus is a huge marine reptile, 15 meters long.

Tylosaurus may have ruled the Late Cretaceous seas also because in its day all the other would-be competitors, such as ichtyosaurus, were already extinct.

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Therizinosaurus was a dinosaur with hair! Therizinosaurus used to live 70 milion year ago what is today Mongolia.

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Deinonychus was an agile predator, up to 3.4 m long and 73 kg in weight. Its skull was equipped with powerful jaws lined with around 70 curved, blade-like teeth. It was bipedal, but also possessed large three-clawed "hands".

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Styracosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period. Styracosaurus used to live about 76.5 to 65 million years ago.

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Best pictures and images of dinosaurs - dinosaurs photos - Afrovenator!

Afrovenator was a carnivore dinosaur. Afrovenator used to live 130 million years ago in what is today Africa.

Dinosaurs pictures and names Afrovenator!

Dinosaurs pictures and names -  je !

Amargasaurus was a herbivore dinosaur. Amargasaurus was actually a small sauropod, 10 meters in length

This dinosau used to live in what is today Argentina.

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Best images of dinosaurs - Camptosaurus!

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Best pictures of dinosaurs - Caudipteryx!

Best dinosaur images - Thespesius!

Thespesius was a plant eater dinosaur!

Best dinosaur images! Best dinosaur toys!

Best pictures of dinosaurs - Alectrosaurus! Alectrosaurus, translated from Ancient Greek means a "lone lizard", reflecting the lifestyle of this prehistoric animal.

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