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Camarasaurus was a long neck dinosaur. This dinosaur used to live from 150 to 145 milion years ago in what is today Utah.

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Camarasaurus was a huge sauropod (large four-legged herbivorous dinosaur with a long neck and tail) that lived in the late Jurassic period, between 155 and 145 million years ago. The name means "chambered lizard", in reference to the hollow chambers in its vertebrae (Greek "kamara" meaning "vaulted chamber" and "sauros" meaning "lizard").

A distinguishing feature of Camarasaurus was its titanic size, its length between 15 and 23 m, and weight of up to incredible 47 tons! It had a very small head relative to its gigantic body, albeit with 19 centimeters long teeth shaped like chisels and arranged evenly along the jaw, adjusted to plant eating.
Its fossil remains have been found in North America.


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Camarasaurus lived about 155 to 145 million years ago. Dinosaurs Camarasaurus had a long neck and long tail. Camarasaurus was a giant herbivore - he was 20 m long and 4.6 m tall at he hips. He weight up to 47 tons!

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