Corythosaurus - duck-billed dinosaur

Corythosaurus (meaning "helmet-lizard) was a large, plant-eating, duck-billed dinosaur that lived in the Cretaceous Period, 80 - 65 million years ago. It was 9-10 m long, 2 m tall at the hips, and weighed about 5 tons.

On top of its head, Cotyhosaurus had a bony crest in the shape of a helmet, flattened on the sides, and its nostrils went all the way up through the crest. Males had a larger crest than females and juveniles. The crest may have been used to make sounds, or in courtship displays.

Corythosaurus had a toothless beak and hundreds of cheek teeth which it used to grind its food. It walked on two (or four) legs, had shorter arms, and a long, heavy tail. It was a herding animal that may have migrated from shorelines to higher ground to reproduce.

Fossils of this prehistoric animal have been found in North America and Canada.

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