Chasmosaurus - plant-eating dinosaur

Chasmosaurus is a genus of beaked, plant-eating dinosaurs that lived during the Upper Cretaceous Period, between 76 - 70 million years ago. The name means "opening lizard", referring to large openings in its frill.

Chasmosaurus was a rhinoceros-like dinosaur, 5 - 8 m long, weighing some 3.5 tons. It had a large skull, four sturdy legs with hoof-like claws, a bulky body, and a short pointed tail. In addition, it had three short horns on its face, along with a large bone plate projecting from the back of its skull (the above mentioned frill). One short, wide horn was on its snout, above its parrot-like beak, and two backward-facing brow horns were above its eyes.

Chasmosaurus was a herding animal. When threatened by predators, it would probably charge into its enemy much like the modern-day rhino does. It hatched from eggs.

Fossil remains of this prehistoric animal have been found in North America and Canada.

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