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Carcharodontosaurus is a genus of carnivorous dinosaurs that existed between 100 and 93 million years ago, during the mid-Cretaceous Period.
It is named  after the shark genus Charcarodon (itself named from the Greek “carcharo” meaning  “sharp” and “odonto” meaning “teeth”, and “sauros” meaning  “lizard”. Carcharodontosaurus was the longest and heaviest known carnivorous dinosaur, with various scientists proposing length estimates ranging between 12 and 13 m, and weight estimates between 6 and 15 metric tons.

This dinosaurs had enormous jaws and serrated teeth up to 8 inches long. The length of the skull itself was 160 cm. Their front three- fingered extremities were short, with sharp claws. They lived on the territory of today`s North Africa.


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