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Beipiaosaurus - one of the largest feathered dinosaurs!

Beipiaosaurus is named after the archeological site Beipiao in China, where its fossil remains have been found. It lived in the Cretaceous Period, some 125 million years ago.

Beipiaosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur, 2.2 m long, up to one meter high, and weighed approx. 85 kg. It had a toothless beak, with multiple cheek teeth adjusted to chewing various plants. Its head was relatively large when compared to the other members of its dinosaur family, with a long neck that made it possible for this prehistoric herbivore to nibble on leaves in tall branches. Its trunk was stocky but thinner than those of its bipedal relatives with heavily built, broad bodies. Its forelimbs were armed with mighty claws, used in crushing trees and fighting predators, whereas its massive hind legs made it a good runner.

Its whole body was covered in feathers, and the scientists have classified as one of the largest feathered dinosaurs.

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