Cryolophosaurus - frozen crested dinosaur

Cryolophosaurus is a genus of carnivorous dinosaurs that lived in today's Antarctica in the Early Jurassic Period, 190 million years ago. It is the fist prehistoric meat-eater to have been discovered on the frozen continent.

Cryolophosaurus had a bizarre crest running across its head, right above the eyes, where it rises up, perpendicular to the skull, and fans out. It looks like a large decorative comb worn by Spanish women in their hair. This crest is too fragile to be used in combat, so it was probably used in mating displays.

Cryolophosaurus was also conspicuously large for its time (truly huge dinosaur varieties, like Allosaurus, wouldn't start evolving until a few million years later). It was about 6.5 m long and 465 kg in weight, which makes it one of the largest theropods in its day.

It may be worthwhile mentioning here that, when Cryolophosaurus lived, Antarctica looked quite different. It used to be significantly closer to the Equator, and it even had its own forests, populated by a diverse range of species. The continent's weather was, consequently, much milder than it is today. All this accounts for the fact that in the meantime the areas not far from the South Pole have produced the remains of other, both herbivorous and carnivorous, prehistoric animals, proving that dense plant matter had once grown on Antarctica's surface before it drifted southward.

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