Dilophosaurus - double-crested dinosaur

Dilophosaurus, meaning "double-crested lizard", was a fast-moving bipedal predator, with an ornate dual cockscomb on its head,
that lived in the early Jurassic period, between 201 and 189 years ago.

Dilophosaurus was 6 m long , 1.5 m tall at the hip, and weighed 300-450 kg. It had two thin, bony, almost semi-circular crests on top of its head. The function of the crests is still unclear, they may have been for mating displays as they were considerably larger in males, but nobody seems to be sure.

Dilophosaurus had short, three-fingered arms, disproportionately small relative to its powerful hind legs with four-toed feet. Both fingers and toes had sharp claws.

Fossil remains of this prehistoric animal have been found in the US and China.

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