Gigantosaurus - giant meat-eating dinosaur

Gigantosaurus, meaning "giant southern lizard", is a genus of giant "shark-toothed" dinosaurs that lived in what is now Argentina during the Late Cretaceous Period, approximately 100 - 97 million years ago. It included some of the biggest known terrestrial carnivores.

Gigantosaurus was up to 14 m long, 3.5 m high, and weighed between 6.5 - 13 tons. It walked on two large and powerful hind legs, had a brain the size of a banana, and enormous jaws, with 20 cm-long serrated teeth in a 1.8 m long skull. Its much smaller forelimbs were like short arms with three-fingered, clawed hands.

Gigantosaurus may have been fairly agile, thanks to its thin, pointed tail, which may have provided balance and the ability to make quick turns while running.

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