Microraptor - flying dinosaur

Microraptor was a genus of small, four-winged dinosaur that lived in the early Cretaceous Period, between125 - 120 million years ago, on the territory of today's China. It was one of the most abundant prehistoric animals in its ecosystem, and its numerous fossil specimens have been recovered to be exhibited in more than 300 museum collections across the world.

Microraptor's name is derived from the Greek word "micros" meaning "small" and Latin word "raptor" meaning "one who seizes" to reflect the predatory nature of this small but opportunistic hunter praying in both arboreal and aquatic habitats of its day.

Microraptor was one of the smallest dinosaurs ever, with a slender build hardly reaching 1 m in length and 1 kg in weight. It had four wings, and its whole body was thickly covered with feathers, including elongated, finely shaped feathers that formed aerodynamic surfaces on arms and tail, and also on the legs. Its well preserved fossils provide an important evidence about the evolutionary relationship between birds and dinosaurs.

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