Australovenator - Southern dinosaur

Australovenator (meaning "southern hunter") is a genus of carnivorous dinosaurs that lived in the Early Cretaceous Period, around 95 million years ago, in what is today Australia. Fossil remains of this prehistoric predator have been found in an ancient billabong, near the town of Winton in Queensland. It was nicknamed "Banjo" in reference to the celebrated Australian "bush poet" Andrew "Banjo" Patterson, whose ballads had drawn on the outback areas of Australia such as Winton Formation in which the fossil has been discovered.

Australovenator is the most complete skeleton of meat-eating dinosaur ever found in Australia. It was described in 2009 as light of weight and built for speed, so as to easily catch its prey. It was Australia's first really big predator, about 6 m long and 2 m high, armed with three deadly claws on each limb. It was actually a medium sized cousin of Allosaurus.
Australian paleontologist Scott Hocknull has compared this prehistoric hunter dinosaur to a cheetah.

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