Dinosaurs Park in Changzhou, China

China Dinosaurs Park, also called China Dinosaurs Land, is a theme part located in Changzhou, a city in southern Jiangsu province of China. It was opened in September 2000. The park covers more than 27 km2. Dinosaur fans also call it the "Eastern Jurassic Park".

Its museum contains a nearly complete fossil skeleton of the important dinosaur genus Sinosauropteryx (similar to Archaeopteryx), as well as some other large dinosaurs fossils, such as Brachiosaurus and Hadrosaurus.

The park focuses on creating a harmonious ecological environment. There are 70 different kinds of trees, and more than 4,000 plants on its territory.

The symbolic hub of the park is the already mentioned museum of dinosaurs. Its building has more than ten big halls, covering some 20,000 square meters.  Each year the park hosts a big "International Lantern Festival", exhibiting a multitude of beautiful lanterns, fireworks, and fantastic parades of people, dressed in cartoon costumes, dancing and singing together.

Many tourist agencies in China recommend this park for its most fortunate form of entertainment that can both teach and delight.

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