Dinosaur Exhibit - Belgrade, Serbia

To the delight of the youngest denizens of Belgrade and their parents, and of all dinosaur lovers, a permanent exhibition of dinosaurs is scheduled to be open in Belgrade Kalemegdan Park.

It will be sponsored by the Belgrade Fortress Public Company, the B92 Humanitarian  Fund, and the Natural History Center of Svilajinac, the only town in Serbia with a specialized amusement park featuring life-size  dinosaur model specimens. Now, for the aforesaid purpose, twenty such specimens representing best known dinosaurs from the Jurassic Period will be exhibited in Kalemegdan Park.

This exhibition is organized in order to aid the reconstruction of a Svilajinac kindergarten which was completely destroyed in the May 2015 flooding.  The permanent show will be both educational and humanitarian: one half of the value of each ticket sold will be donated towards the renewal of the kindergarten.

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Autor: Srdjan

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