Mei Long - Tiny Bird-Dinosaur

Best pictuers of dinosaur dinosur pics Mei_long. Mei Long was a diminutive birdlike dinosaur that lived in the early Cretaceous period, around 130 million years ago.

This small dinosaur was merely 40 cm high, 54 cm long, and weighed 3 kg. In appearance it resembled today's domestic or wild duck: it had a small head, dwarfish beak, short neck, small squatty trunk, two long legs with three-clawed feet, and a long tail. The long and slender legs suggest that this prehistoric animal was a fast runner in search of prey. Mei Long was a midget carnivorous dinosaur, preying typically on insects or minute vertebrae or amphibians.

Since Mei Long has been found in the Province of Liaoning, in China, in a birdlike sleeping pose, it has borne the name which in Chinese means the "sleeping dragon".

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