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The name of this dinosaur is derived from the Greek word "cryos", meaning "cold" or "frozen", in reference to its discovery in Antarctica, "lophos", meaning "crest", and "sauros", meaning "lizard". Thus, it can be translated as "cold crested lizard".

Cryolophosaurus is a genus of large theropods that existed in the early Jurassic period, some 190 million years ago, in what today is Antarctica. It was 5 m high, 6.5 m long, and 500 kg in weight, making it one of the largest theropods of its time.

Cryolophosaurus possessed a distinctive crest that spanned its head from side to side. The crest was lined with blood vessels, stiffening it for the purposes of attracting mates and intimidating rivals from the group, or potential predators of the other species.

Cryolophosaurus was carnivorous and lived in herds. Its fossil remains have been discovered in Antarctica.

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