Leptoceratops - Dinosaur with small-horned face

Best dinosaur images-Leptoceratops!

The name of this dinosaur is derived from Greek "lepto", meaning "small", "cerat", meaning "horn", and "ops", meaning "face". It lived in the late Cretacous Period, around 66 million years ago, in what is now Western North America.

Leptoceratops was 2 m long and could have weighed between 68 to 200 kg. It could stand and run on its hind legs, but could also walk on all fours. Its five-toed feet ended in small claws.

Leptoceratops was a herbivorous prehistoric animal, similar in shape to modern-day iguana. It had a large skull, with some kind of bony outgrowth as a fold on top of its head. Its powerful jaws and teeth combined the actions of shearing and crushing, and were able to chew extremely tough plant matter.

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