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Rajasaurus (Ancient Greek for "king of lizards") is genus of carnivorous dinosaurs that lived in the Cretaceous Period, between 70 and 65 million years ago. It was 9 m long, 2.5 m high, and weighed about 3 tons. Its fossil remains have been discovered in India.

Rajasaurus had a relatively short skull, not more than 60 cm in length, bearing a distinctive low rounded horn, made up of outgrowths from the nasal and frontal bones. Its jaws were full of sharp teeth with serrated edges for cutting flesh. It had a short neck, thick, squatty body, and an extraordinarily long tail. It moved on its massive, three-clawed hind legs, whereas his forelimbs were stunted, far less in size, but also with three claws each.

Rajasaurus belongs to the group of theropod predators, and is quite similar in shape to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Rajasaurus is king of lizards! This dinosaur used to lived about 70 and 65 million years ago in what is today India.

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