Zuniceratops - horned dinosaur

Zuniceratops (meaning "Zuni horned face" - after the Zuni tribe of North American Indians) is a genus of herbivorous dinosaurs that lived during the Late-Middle Cretaceous Period, between 93 and 89 million years ago.

Zuniceratops was a horned dinosaur, about the size of a small cow. Its snout was long and low, and its head was crowned with a strange frill - a thin, broad, shield-like structure. Its skull also bore a well-developed pair of brow horns.

Zuniceratops lived about 10 million years earlier than the more familiar horned dinosaurs known as 'ceratopsians' - a group with elaborate horns and frills. It is superficially similar to later horned dinosaurs, such as Triceratops, but significantly smaller in size, and lacking the nose horn.

Zuniceratops represents an evolutionary transition between the early ceratopsians and later, larger ceratopsians, and therefore provides an important window on their ancestry.

Fossils of this prehistoric animal have been discovered in New Mexico, land of the native Zuni tribe in the USA.

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