Tuojiangosaurus - herbivorous plated dinosaurs

Tuojiangosaurus (meaning "Tuo River lizard") is a genus of herbivorous plated dinosaurs that lived in today's Asia during the Late Jurassic Period, about 155 million years ago.

Tuojiangosaurus dinosaur had a series of plates and spikes protruding out of its back, neck, and tail. It also had four large sharp spikes at the end of its tail, which it could use to defend itself.

Tuojiangosaurus was a four-legged animal, with its front legs somewhat shorter than the hind legs. It was up to 7 m long, 2 m high, and weighed around 4 tons. Its head was small, and along its arched spine it had two rows of plates which became taller over the hip region.

Fossils of this prehistoric animal have been found in China.

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