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Tenontosaurus (translated from Ancient Greek as "sinew lizard") is a genus of medium- to large-sized ornithopod ("bird-feet") dinosuaurs that lived in the Middle Cretaceous Period, between 115 and 108 million years ago. Its fossil remains have been found in North America.
Tenontosaurus was 6.5 to 8 m long and 3 m high (in a bipedal stance), with a body mass of somewhere between 1 to 2 tons. It was a herbivorous animal, feeding on low-growing plants (as it could only stretch up to three meters high), such as ferns, flowers, conifers, and ginkgo trees.

Tenontosaurus had a small head, small jaws, short neck, and a squatty clumsy trunk extending into an unusually long and broad tail which, like its back, was stiffened with a network of bony tendons. Along it backside, from head to tail, this prehistoric monster had a row of bony outgrowths very similar to serrated crests. It moved on two pairs of stumpy four-toed limbs, each with the corresponding number of small claws.

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