Shuvuuia - small bird-like dinosaur

Best picst of flying dinosaurs - Shuvuuia!

Shuvuuia was a chicken-sized dinosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous period, between 85 and 75 million years ago. Its name comes from the Mongolian word for bird (Shuvuu).

Shuvuuia was a meat-eater, feeding on insects, worms, and other minute animals in its habitat. It had a pointed beak with tiny teeth, long legs, short arms, with only one prominent clawed finger on each hand, and a long tail.

Shuvuuia was a lightly-built animal, and apparently a fast runner. At 60 cm in length, it is one of the smallest known dinosaurs. It's single-clawed forelimbs may have been used to open insect nests, and its slender, unusually mobile jaws to probe after such prey. Recent findings also show that it possessed a coat of feathers.

Fossil remains of this prehistoric animal have been discovered in Mongolia.

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