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Sarcosuchus, whose name comes from the Greek words "sarco" meaning flesh and "suchus" meaning crocodile, is an extinct genus of crocodiliform and distant relative of today's crocodile. It existed in the Early Cretaceous period, about 112 million years ago, in what is now Africa and South America.

Sarcosuchus is one of the largest crocodile-like reptiles ever. It grew up to 12 m in length - twice as long as the modern saltwater crocodile - and weighed up to 8 tons. Its entire body was covered with armored plates. The prehistoric 'super-croc' had a 1.8 m long head, with huge conical teeth that could easily crush bone with a little help of its fearsome jaws. It also had four short legs and a long, powerful tail, perfectly designed to swim through water at fast speeds.

Sarcosuchus is unique among crocodilians, because it had a large, broad knob on the tip of its snout. The purpose of the knob is unclear. It may have been used to get a better grip on prey, to attract mates, or to send out frequency sounds.

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