Flying reptiles

Peteinosaurus - flying reptile

Peteinosaurus ("winged lizard") is a genus of extinct feathered reptiles that existed in the Later Triassic period, between 221 - 210 million years ago. With a wingspan of around 60 cm and weight probably less than a common blackbird, it was one of the smallest flying reptiles in its day. Its wings consisted of skin stretched between an elongated finger on its hand, and its foot. The wings were attached to its body and thigh. Like most reptiles, it had a long, straight tail, made up of vertebrae strengthened with bone-like fibre.

Peteinosaurus had even-sized, sharp, cone-like teeth, and it is most likely that it ate insects, which it caught on the wing. It is one of the earliest vertebrates to show evidence of flying rather than gliding.

Fossils of this prehistoric animal have been found in Italy.

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