Lambeosaurus - Beak Dinosaur

Dinosaurus - dinosaur - This dinosaur is uniqe becuause of his cranial crest.

Lambeosaurus, named after a celebrated Canadian paleontologist, Lawrence Lambe, is a genus of beaked dinosaurs, or dinosaurs with crested duckbills. You can clearly see from its image that it had a beak strikingly similar to that of today's ducks. Lambeosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous Period, 75 million years ago, in what is now North America. In addition to the duckbill, its distinctive feature was a hatchet-like cranial crest. Lambeosaurus was between 9 and 15 m long, 2 m high, and weighed around 5 tons. This herbivorous prehistoric animal had a small head with tiny jaws, and a short neck planted on a huge body with elongated heavy tail. It moved slowly and clumsily, both on two legs or on all fours .Its front limbs were considerably smaller and had four-fingered "hands". The fifth finger was free and could manipulate objects from its immediate surroundings.

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