Dinosaur Toys

Best Dinosaur toys - Velociraptor! Velociraptor is one of the first dinosaurs! They where small, somwhere about 70 centimetres tall.

Dinosaur toys - Velociraptor!

Best Dinosaur toys - Triceratops!

Triceratops was a herbivore dinosaur, it was hunted by Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dinosaurs toys - Triceratops!

Best Dinosaur toys - Stegosaurus!

Of all toy dinosaurs I ever had, a tiny plastic Tyrannosaurus rex was my favorite. The mere thought that such dinosaur was actually as big as a house, and that it had more than 60 teeth, is as fascinating now as ever.

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Best dinosaur toys - Brachiosaurus! Unlike most other long neck dinosaurs, Brachiosaurus had longer front legs than back legs.

Dinosaur toys - Brachiosaurus!

We will be presenting best dinosaur toys on the web. In front of you we have a Collecta’s Cryolophosaurus dinosaur toy! Photos are from Dinotoyblog.

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The T-Rex is a meticulously modeled representation of this ferocious meat eater. This t-rex is very detailed, looks realistic.

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New dinosaur plush toy - Spinosaurus!

Spinosaurus was dinosaur that used to live 100 million year ago in what is today Africa. This lovely dinosaur plush toy of Spinosaurus  is designed for everyday play and a perfect birthday gift.

Best dinosaur plush toy - Spinosaurus!